Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

My dayjob is closing down for the entire week between now and new years eve, so I will be spending some much needed time at home resting and relaxing and taking care of house stuff.

I hope you will have a lovely and relaxing time.

I shall take a little break from this blog too, so I'll see you next year. 2012. How about that :)

Best regards,

Monday, December 19, 2011

Still working on the basement ...

This is not my exact basement room, but it looks just like it. I have a window, a furnace and a radiator. But look at all that space! :)

Since then I have cleaned the floor and we have spent a full day moving stuff around, for two reasons. One is so the electrician can move through all rooms to set up sockets, and outtakes for lamps. The other is to clear the livingroom so we can celebrate christmas without getting stabbed on rods of coe 104 in ever corner. We are getting there :)
Now, I guess it is time to start thinking about getting presents for the family, yes?

So I'm off for yet another busy week with no torching in it. Oh well, I'll trade torching for christmas this week :)

Merry Christmas every one,

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tiny basement update

My workshop is now all packed up and laying around in boxes in the living room. Glass stash, tools, kiln - everything. The room is empty and being tiled, and as with each of the other rooms, it looks so large and even has an echo :)

I really have to make a plan for how I'd like to place everything. As I said, I want a permanently ready-to-go torch area with my oxy-con, glass and kiln within easy reach.

I'd also like a jewellers bench (I don't need a real one, just an area for working in metal), a permanent photo tent, like one of those cubes or something similar. I'd like an bit of officespace for papers and packaging stuff and also for storrage (my dear boyfriend would be so happy to not have beads and parts all over the livingroom).

A bit of shelves for a little glass library, a nice cabinet for my slowly growing bead and glass collection, a nice chair for sipping tea and reading/having a guest over - Yup, I've got plenty of dreams, so even with an echo sized room, I bet some of this will not be able to fit. A plan is definately in order here.

I do know it will be fantastic in the end though :) Yay! and it will not be long before I can move my stuff back in. This I know because christmas is closing in on us, and we are having my family over!

I wish for you a less solidly booked week than mine :)

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Basement restoration update

The basement is coming along nicely. There are 4 rooms to get through though, and my workshop is getting to go last. It's a case of 'fix a bit of one area, move stuff over, fix a bit of next area' and so on, so actually only the floors are coming along nicely so far, but still - it's looking great! Used to be concrete, now we get tiles, lovely :)

After all the floors are done we have walls to plaster and wallpaper, a complete rewirering and setting up of adittional light and sockets (there is only one socket in the entire basement right now), the ceilings need a good once over and we are getting new windows too, since the old ones are really old and painted shut for good.

As you can tell, this is quite a bit of work and not something that will be done any time soon. I shall set up my workshop as there is space available, but first all of it must be cleaned thoroughly to remove all of the concrete dust that has enveloped every single thing in there.

We have spent the day moving and sorting 'stuff', even got a good load off to the recycling station. Now one more room is empty and ready for tiling, and other rooms are stacked. I don't know if you can see the dust, but here is a picture of my current workshop area. You can barely see where I'm supposed to go!

Well, I guess I'll just have to buckle up and get work. I have a show in february! to create for. It's just around the corner ...

I hope you have a nice week,

Monday, November 28, 2011

A bit of downtime ...

Guess what?
Yesterday I completely forgot to set up my blogpost. Never even thought about it. I am a bit miffed, that after all these weeks it is still not a well rooted routine, but I guess if it had been a daily thing it might have been.

So, what do I have to tell you this week ... Well, my darling boyfriend has set out to renovate the entire basement. It is a huge project we have been looking forward to with equal parts of joy and dread since we moved in 5 years ago. I know it will be wonderfull in the end, but - my workshop is in the basement and for now I will have to close it down.

The entire basement, including my glass, tools, kiln and what have you - it is allready covered in a fine layer of concrete dust that seeps in under the doors, and even up the staircase a bit. Everything will have to be cleaned up before I can torch again.
And you know all the boxes and bags and furniture that seem to breed in a basement? All that needs to be cleaned too. We have nowhere to put everything, and there will be a lot of moving stuff around as one room gets tiled and the next is in line.

I look much forward to get the rest of the boxes sorted and thrown away. I did get through at least half of it when we had the flooding this summer, but there is still way too much stuff we don't need down there. Which is also the reason we never have had any good use of the space, except for storrage.

That is going to change now. We have great plans for all 4 rooms, and one will be my workshop! I haven't made a definate floorplan, but I have many thoughts about how I'd like it to end up. Especially I want gas and oxygen permanently attached to my torch. I have been rolling back and forth the hoses for the past almost 5 years I have been torching, and it's getting old. I'd like to be able to just go there and light up, and turn it off when I am done. It's a simple wish, I know, but one that would please me to no end.

I'm off to dream about it :)
What is your dream?

Monday, November 21, 2011

A prototype

Yes! This week I finally got myself in bed early enough one night, to get up again at 03 a.m. to torch. It did rather ruin the next 3 days for me in terms of lost energy, but ... I got to make these

It's a pair of Goddess earrings, and they were more difficult to make than I had thought they would be. I had time for just one more before the alarmclock told me it was time to wake the family. She's a bit larger and should probably be a pendant instead of an earring.

I'm very pleased to have arms, legs and a head on these, but - they are not quite what I had expected. I'm not quite sure what I did infact expect, I have no clear image in my head of what I wanted them to be like, but this isn't exactly it.

I'll have to try and find out what my nebulous idea really is so I can make that next time I get to torch. I think perhaps rounder, more of a caricature. If I could make a mix of a pod-shape and a woman, or perhaps a marble that has indentations hinting of a human form ...
I already have made pendants which start out as a drop and end as a goddess. No arms, legs or head though, but it shouldn't be impossible to start with a marble instead.

Yup, that's my plan.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tax Time

This week, or at least a fair bit of it was spent bookkeeping, so I could register my VAT, so here is a lovely picture of my favourite pendants, since a picture of my receipts is probably not so much fun. I do love it when the numbers line up perfectly in the end though :)

Have a great week :)

Monday, November 07, 2011

Oh my Goddess!

This past week were all about the Goddesses.
Not only did I post 4 Goddess pendants to my shop at, like this one:

The Lady of the Shapely Posterior :)

I also got to send off this beauty halfway across the country, to Marslev on Fyn.

Please click the picture to fully apreciate her gorgeous slender curves
This is one of my new ladies, the largest bunch I have made until now, and her new owner is very pleased. I am so happy that I could make that happen. It is my mission after all, to spread the joy of lovely curves, captured in glass.

This week I will post a couple of these beauties to my shop, and I hope to get in a bit of torchtime too. I have a Goddess project I am quite eager to create. But - it's a secret for now, and I'm not telling ;)

Have a beautiful week,

Monday, October 31, 2011

Visit my Amio

The shop is open! Click the pic to visit.

I have uploaded pretty new pieces and adjusted some prices. Fixed some postage for international shoppers. Go have a look, I'm kind of proud of my new pendants :)

I'll keep shooting pics this week and upload as I get them done. I might end up with quite a selection.

Have a great week!

Monday, October 24, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 0, Showtime!

Phew! What a couple of days it has been.
It was very nice to be out in public with my glass. I got soo many compliments from soo many people, and I even made myself happy with a new booth look and all new pieces.

Here is a picture of my booth. I were very happy to get a corner with two sides open. My clever sister came up with the table arrangement of one table against the wall and the other out from the wall. It was brilliant actually, with plenty of space between them for people to go in and not feel squeezed, and room for me to sit in too.

My nifty new booth look
And check out the photos on the wall. I never had those before, but always knew I wanted some, and they were great!

I also managed to make enough figures and pendants to fill the tables, and even have a good portion left over to fill in with as sales were made. Here is a closer view of my tables.

My nice and simple setup
I'm loving my new trays. They look good and also makes it very easy to pack up every night and set up in minutes every morning. Excellent!

Now the show is over, and since the number of guests were quite a bit lower than expected I have a lot of pieces in stock, ready to be photographed and uploaded to my online shop at That will happen during the coming days as I find time to shoot during daylight.

For now I just want to say THANK YOU to all that came by, to all that let me know they liked what I have made, and especially to my boyfriend and my sister for all their help before ad during these 3 days of the show.

Thank you :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 1

Week 1 it says, but really there is only 4 days left!
This weeks production regrettably were not impressive, but look at these jewels! I am very pleased with them. Excellent colour and lots of shine.

I also shot some pictures for the show. This is one.

I may have to re-shoot some of them. Some of the ivory pieces are burned out. Some are okay though, so I'll have to see about that. Time is running out and I have to order today/tonight to be sure to get them in time.
So I'll be off, doing more preparations.

Have a nice week!
(it is vacation week here in Denmark)

Monday, October 10, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 2

Only 2 weeks to go! It is getting very exciting around here :)

This is this weeks production. Goddess pendant beads, one large goddess (+ 3 more in the kiln, Yay), and a bunch of drop pendant beads.

This week I also ordered and recieved most of everything I think I'll need, and I even had a bit of incoming funds, which is very nice.

There is no more time to worry, so I will simply be looking forward to the Kunst, Mad & Vin show for the remaining 2 weeks, while I torch like never before. Life is grand :)

Love, Lene

PS: I still have free/reduced price tickets for the show. Free admittance on friday from 14-16 and reduced prices for the rest of the weekend. Let me know if you would like one/some at profusionartglass[@] There is lots of art to be seen :)

Monday, October 03, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 3

Argh, Only 18 days to go! And still I have no giftbags. After the last failure I am wary of shopping online, but I feel the deadline breathing down the back of my neck, so today I'll fire off an order and hope for the best.

This week I got a few good things done. I ordered more glass, a load of bails, some leathernecklaces for the pendants (need more), some earrings for the flowers (need more) and 2 display trays in black (need more). I also found some other display objects that I hope will be good with my ladies. The lofty idea I had of building some sort of shelf arrangement is not going to happen, so I am looking for alternatives.

I also celebrated my birthday on friday by taking the day off of work. I got in a nice couple of hours of torchtime, Yay! then proceeded to housecleaning (a bit less of a yay, but nice in the end) and picking up the kids early.

(sorry about the picture. It's getting dark earlier now, so I had to use flash)

Bye for now,

Monday, September 26, 2011

KM&V Countdown - week 4

This week was very productive, and the weekend had a to-do list like you wouldn't believe. I am so ready to sleep, and I'll leave you with theese pictures of what I got made.

The pods by the way, are on a base of opal yellow. I got some after reading a lot of raves on Lampwork Etc., but I really like ivory a lot better since it fumes over so nicely. I'll have to go back and search to see what the excellence of opal yellow is, because so far I don't see it.

I also made and cored this bead. It is a birthday present for my mother, and the colour of the 'eyes' came out especially well and shines when seen from the side. I am very pleased with it :)

That is all for now, see you next week,

Monday, September 19, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 5

I've had an excellent week!

Two mornings I got up at 03 in the morning to torch before going to work. It is a wonderful way to begin the day, though it does leave me quite exhausted the day after, so two days were all I could manage. I will practice going to bed early, and getting up even earlier, in the weeks to come. It seems like my best shot at getting things done.

This week I made lovely autumn leaf pendants and goddess pendants. I have a bunch more in the kiln from today, along with one large lady. Yay!

Goddess and Leaf Pendants.
And see those tabs under the banner? I put up those this week too, and am working on a gallery tab. It will be quite nifty in the end :)

Have a great week,

Monday, September 12, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 6

Oh my, that title is scaring me.
Next week will be worse, as the final month creeps closer and closer. So I'm just going to hide this time, and show you a picture of a little guy that visits our garden instead.

He is about the size of two apples and very cute. We don't really know if he is a 'he', we just decided to call him that. He is not supposed to be out in the daytime, but he seems fine, healthy and curious, so I think he is alright.

Cute little creature, isn't he?

'Till next week,

Monday, September 05, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 7

Hooray! I did manage to get that blurp written, and on time too :) This is something that really, really doesn't come easy to me, and I am happy to be done for now.
I also finished a few pendants and shot a picture for the catalogue. This is one of the pendants, with Clio looking all ethereal.

Clio Pendant

Hmm, what else? Not much I'm afraid. The whole write and worry routine took up a lot of time, and I have spent the weekend reading 500+ pages of fiction as a reward.
Now it is time for some serious torch action in the coming weeks, but for now - bedtime!

Bye for now,

Monday, August 29, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 8

Just a tiny little update this week, since we went away with the girl's school class for the weekend and I am exhausted! I keep forgetting how much noise a room full of children and parents can generate, and what it does to my head. Phew!

Anyway - things I got done:
another torchsession (beads are in the kiln, pics below later)
final payment of booth fee paid
return payment for the gift bags recieved (okay, I didn't actually do that)
blurp for the show press center begun (about halfway through)
sketches for handmade bails with lots of swirls (because I've always loved swirls, and being around Karin Castens is inspirering :)

Things with a deadline fast approaching:
Blurp for the press center (send by thursday)
Picture for the catalogue (send by thursday)
An article for the catalogue (not likely, but send by thursday)

Also to consider:
order new giftbags + tissue paper
order bails for all the pendants + possibly sterling chains
set up timeline and deadline for large prints for the walls + perhaps business cards
start to seriously consider what type of display to buy/build

... and a million other little details.


-Aha, there it is :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 9

This week, more pendant beads.
I tried out the Kalypso and it is delicious. I made the same type of beads with different Double Helix glasses, and they are all yummy with each their special colour.

Pendant beads
This is Helios, like I used last week. See the little curl at the tip? I love it, but I'm not quite sure how I got it. Must try to replicate.

Helios with a curl

These are Kalypso,



this is Elektra,


and this is Psyche.


all on a base of Ivory. See how the Elektra and Psyche does not fume the base, and the Helios and Kalypso does? Quite a bit actually, and I think Kalypso fumes the most, so cover it up quickly if you don't want fuming around the beautifull purples. I rather like it, so I'll just keep doing what I have been doing.

This week I also asked my sister, the photographer, to help me. I need a portrait, product shots and some torch-action shots for the show catalogue and other preparations for the show. She makes me look good. Yay! She even makes me smile :)
Me :)

I also had to return the gift bags, which is annoying, but I still have time to get new ones, so I am not overly worried. I have never returned anything before, so this is a whole new experience. Yay for that at least.

Now I have to write a bit for the catalogue and be done before september 1'st. Hm. Not something that comes easy to me, but I'll do what I can.

See you next week,

Monday, August 15, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 10

I love getting mail :)

This week I recieved both the displays and giftbags I ordered last week and also a fresh bunch of glass, Yay!

I can't work without my favourite base colour Ivory, so I had to get some more. And while I were at it, I also got some new to me Double Helixs, the Kalypso and Helios.

I got to try out the Helios today, and I must say I love it. It fumes a lot, and when I made pendants, like the ones I have been making recently, but with the Helios instead of Psyche, I got lovely browns with a whisp of pale purple/light blue. They are very fall.
The beads are still hot in the kiln, so I can't show you until later, but I were very pleased with them when I put them in for annealing.

So this is just a short update, pics will be included later.

See you then,


Later is here!
And so are a couple of pictures. Aren't these just delicious? I am still very pleased, can you tell? :)
I love these shapes. Nicely melted half-way in, looking juicy and voluptuous. Very organic. Yup, this is what I have been after :)

several pendants-to-be :)
And my new displays look like this. Stylish!

The foot is weighted so it doesn't fall over when you look at it which is nice. There is room for a pair of earrings up there in the middle, but I don't make earrings much so I will not need that. The pendants will present them selves better higher up, so I'll see if I can secure the chain somehow on the backside.
Hmm, I may need to buy more chains. I'll put that on my list.

Bye for now!

Monday, August 08, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 11

Okay then, only 10 more weeks to go.
This week I have (yet again) spent recovering. This time it was the back-to-work and get-up-earlies that got me.
Yes I admit it. I love staying up late and sleeping in in the mornings. And since vacation time is the only time I get to do it for days in a row I may over do it a bit. Lets just say that a 3 week vacation can shift my rythm with about 5 hours, which makes it a bit hard to go back to early mornings.

So, what did I do to get closer to a fabulous and well prepared show in 10 weeks?
Well - I have been looking for a nice way to display my pendants. So far I have been laying them on a polished black slab of stone. It is a very nice stone, but it really doesn't do much for the pendants.

This week I got a special offer from BoxDisplays on a standing display I have not seen before. I can't find it in their pages now either, but I have ordered some and will show them off when they get here. I hope they are all I imagine and need them them to be ...

Also I have realised for some time now that I have no nice packaging for my larger Ladies, and that simply will not do at such an occation. So while I were at it I ordered a whole lot of giftbags with handles.
They are black and with a matt surface, which I imagine to match my jewellery boxes perfectly. I will stamp them with my logo and they will be all lovely and nice, and if I get a folder or postcard ready there will be plenty of room in the bag for that too.

In conclusion, I am very pleased to have these two problems mostly out of the way (there is still the stamping to do of course), but once more I must admit that I have quite a sinking feeling about the most important part - my actual glass products.

This week I plan to go shopping for a bit of glass. I have run very low on light ivory and it's the base of pretty much everything I do so it has to be taken care of, and quickly so I can continue my quest of creating a forrest of lovely Ladies.


Monday, August 01, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 12

What a great week! :)
Not only am I still vacationing, not only did I manage to make my (almost) first fabulous hollows ever ...

Check out the size of this set! I were very impressed with my calm patience. If this is what happens when I torch in the morning, I really have some prioritizing to consider.

These are made in ivory and covered with Zimmermans fabled Z-99 purple. I love the stuff, it keeps prolonging my purple period. My stash will last for a while, but it's really too bad they don't make it anymore :/

Large hollow beads
I'd like to add that these are made by building discs only, not on a hollow mandrel. There has been no blowing involved, as you can see by the unevenness of the beads, or should I say the wonderfull rustic and organic shapes ;)

I also tried adding a bit of very chunky frit, which I have never tried before. It was not easy to get it to stick, but I am very pleased with the colour. I might like to crush it into smaller sizes of frit, but for this is was good.
Isn't that a lovely purple/blue planet full of little islands? There's even a crater :)

Portable Planet
I am a bit undecided about wheather all these should be silvercored, but I suppose I'll have to see if they will fit my tool and let that be the deciding factor.

SO - not only did I get to make these lovelies, I also got a kick in the butt from the wonderfull Karin Castens of Castens Gallery (blog / website). I love what that woman can do with a little bit of silver, gold and precious stones!

But back to the kicking part - it led to me visiting an art gallery down the street from Karins shop, presenting my glassfigures to the owner, and voilá - on saturday I delivered 3 figures and 3 goddess pendants to be included in the gallery. Yay! :D

The gallery is called Gallerie Eros. It is the only gallery purely of erotic art in Denmark, and in a couple of days she will have pictures of my ladies on the website.

Gallerie Eros
The gallery has a mix of old and new, explicit and understated, and you can read all about it on the gallery website!
The owner, Bettina Sinnet Fornitz, was very optimistic and now I am too, so a double yay! and many Thank You's goes out to her :)

A lovely week. Just lovely :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 13

Still vacationing and loving it :)

This week I have been grating all the rough edges off a bunch of these metal cubes I use as base for my larger ladies.

When I get them they have sharp edges and pointy corners, and are somewhat unpleasant. Now they are all smooth and nice to touch. It is important to me that all parts are a pleasure, and as a bonus they will not scratch the surface you place them on (unless you make an effort), Yay!

I hope you are enjoying the summer where you are :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 14

I'm afraid I have no beadrelated news this week either, because this week we went away on holiday, Yay :)
We played in the water, we watched the baby swallows leave the nest during the week, we got close to the wildlife at Knuthenborg.

We visited with family and played bordgames. I've made a few sketches of beads I'd like to make, and began drawing a palette of coulours to stick to, but nothing I'd like to show off :)
It is nice to be back home though, and I am looking forward to the rest of the vacation too.

I hope you have a lovely summer!

Monday, July 11, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 15

Oh my, what a week. I don't think I have ever worked quite as hard all in one week. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with my show and everything to do with the rain that fell last saturday and the flooding that followed.

I have spent every evening of the week moving boxes of stuff, I even took a day off to try to get ahead. I did start out sorting the stuff, but by the end of the week I just moved the dry boxes to dry spots without looking much at it. The wet boxes had to be sorted of course, to see what was trash and what was treasure. I have to admit, it was mostly trash, though some things have been rescued. It is amazing how we have let it build up without even looking at it.

I am happy to say that the basement is dry now (mostly) and looking better than ever (mostly). I would really like to sort through the dry boxes and only keep the good stuff, and I will, I just need to regain my energy, and also give some attention to my show project. I feel terribly behind after this week.

So - since nothing beadrelated has happened this week, I'll tell you about an experiment I did the week before.

While surfing I came across this post on Watch me Create
I had never heard of fuming with EDP, but it sounds like something I'd like so I had to try it right away. I made a little bead in dark ivory, then fumed it in fine silver first. I wanted to make it crackle, but I guess I burned it all off.
Then I got my EDP and cooked it 'till it boiled. I could see the fuming hapening, but the bead didn't seem to take it. As I cleaned the bead the matted areas could be rubbed right off, so I'm guessing I put it in the wrong place in the flame or perhaps it was too cold. I shall definately try this again to see if I can get the matted surface to stay.

And I want to show you something interesting that happened. Here is the rod I used for fuming. See how at the end it has gone all clear? Fascinating!

EDP fuming
Have a great week, try something new :)

PS: I'm very happy to say that my oxygen concentrator is still alive after the flooding. I did manage to get it out of the water in time. Phew! & Hooray!
Unfortunately our laundry maschine was not as lucky :(

Monday, July 04, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 16

This week I have lost several beads to cracking bead realease. Some mandrels were freshly dipped and dried, some were dipped weeks ago. I think it might be a humidity problem. Maybe.
I did get a couple finished, these are from my first torchsession:

And my second:

The green flowerpod is a mess, and that lady on the right? She has no boobs because of beadrelease releasing too soon. I decided to make some nipsenåle (cause they aer made without release), even if I don't intend to bring any for the show, and here are 6 happy turtles in a row.

On saturday we had 2 months worth of rain within a couple of hours. Some areas close by got 150mm. I don't think we got that much, but it still ended up in my basement and my workshop.
I managed to burn my arm when reaching behind the kiln to untangle the cord of my oxygen concentrator, the only part of my tools that is on the floor. I hope I got it out in time, that water was raising fast! But I have to say - peppermint tootpaste is your friend. It took the pain away quickly so I could shovel water all night completely painfree. Yay! :)

But oh my poor muscles. I have aches all over from shoveling for hours on end. I need a rest. Goodnight :)


Monday, June 27, 2011

KM&V Countdown - week 17

I started out the week with a torchsession on sunday. I haven't been torching much at all during this year, so this was a practice run, to see if I can even make a bead anymore. I decided from the start that I would only be playing and getting my feel for the glass back, which was a good thing.

These ringbeads are my first ever and hold their share of mistakes and inaccuracy. I don't think this is a good time to start practicing something completely new (allthough I am dying to try making hollows by blowing, as well as these ring beads), so I will only be doing them for fun, if at all, during these weeks. I intend to make beads I know well, with little variations to keep it fresh.

The drop pendant bead is going in the 'to sell' box after all, and I have added 'Buy more bails' to my to-do list.

Then I had another torchsession, oh yes, two within a week, how about that?

I had a plan as to what to make, instead of just deciding on the spot. I know I want to bring lots of my large ladies and lots of pendants to the show, so I set off with a torso.
These are only hard to do because of the time they take to finish. This one took more than an hour, with all the melting down of rods and even more keeping her warm. But apart from that it is a calm process that does not involve much precision, which is the perfect project to start up on after months of inactivity.

After I finished her I made a couple of pendants, using DH Clio and Psyche and Zimmerman purple rose and extreme white frit. I love that stuff :)
They are all very well reduced and extremely shiny and jewel-like, and it doesn't show at all in this picture ...

I have also begun making a plan for the 17 weeks. Nothing solid as of yet, but I have thought of what I want to bring, and am settling on a colour palette for the entire range of products. I'd like my space at the show to be a pleasant visual experience, which will take a bit of colour discipline on my part.

That is all for this week :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

17 week countdown!

At the market last weekend I had and awfull lot of beads stolen. 14 purple silvercored braceletbeads, 30 uncored braceletbeads and two larger beads too.

I'm not going to complain about it though. It left me with all sorts of weird feelings, some unpleasant, but mostly I feel strangely relieved and very eager to start producing new beads. This is a good thing :)

My next 'market' is the huge (and might I add censored ;) 'Kunst, Mad & Vin' (Art, Food & Wine) show at Falconer Centeret in Copenhagen. It is on october 21-23'rd and I am very excited about being accepted. A ton of people will come, it is a fact, and I intend to be ready this time.
I have 17 weeks (including this one) to produce and stock up.

However - I know myself well enough by now to know that if I'm not carefull I will let weeks and weeks pass because 'there's plenty of time'.
So in order to keep myself accountable I hereby declare:

~ o 0 o ~
I intend that on monday of each of the 17 weeks I will accumulate and post a list of what I have done during the past week to reach my goals for this art fair.
~ o 0 o ~

So be it!
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