Thursday, February 19, 2009

Webglas meet-up!

With all these bacillas stepping on me and my little girl, I have completely neglected to tell you about our Danish/nordic group Webglas. I haven't made too many beads either, but anyway -
The challenge for January was Dots, and I made these:

This month's challenge is Sculpted beads, which suited me just fine, as I have an order for a couple of goddesses. So I have made several that will be angel pendants, so she'll have a few to choose from.

I also made these decorated bones, directly inspired by this awesomeness by Amy Kuczewski. I don't have any Electroforming equipment, so I used Double Helix glass instead. This is Psyche on Ivory.

And this saturday webglas is having a meet-up, a full day of lampworking and bead chatting. Louisa Moeslund has kindly offered her studio to the group, so we can meet and 6-7 people can torch at the same time. It will no doubt be a great day and hugely inspirering. Yay!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A week later ...

Well, my head never exploded or imploded, and I never did get to my list of blogs from the OWOH that I had enjoyed. Instead I got attacked by a nasty cold and haven't been doing much of anything at all, except working a little bit on my website. I'll have to be completely done before I can upload it though, as it involves a new structure.

So back to the OWOH. I found that I have little interest in collages of any kind, which seems to be a domminant artform. I were pleased to find a couple of soapmakers (as I am in the market for a shampoobar) and several quite amazing dollmakers.
These are a some I have come across, which make me want to make dolls myself, but I guess I already had that bug :)

Check out:
Linda Smith Originals for how-to's of beautiful fairies
Melissa Valeriote for holiday themed dolls
Sprite for fairies, goblins and dragon eggs
Mealy Monster for creepy-cute polymerclay creatures
Woodedwood for strange caricatures of humans
Rosanna Pereyra for beautiful faries and other people
Loopyboopy who I knew from etsy already.

I have still not been through all participants, so if I have missed you and you are wonderfull, I am sorry. Next year I will do better, because this was fun!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

We have a winner!

I have counted through the comments twice, just to be sure, and the winner is
Becky Holso!
Congratulations Becky, thank you for participating, and thank you to all the other commentors too.

It was fun to be part of this and I will definately join in again next year. I didn't get to visit all of the participants quite yet, there were more than 900 after all, but I did get to see a lot of blogs, and I will post a short list of some of my new favourites later, when my head stops feeling ready to explode. Or is it implode? I can't tell. I'll be right back (or perhaps do it tomorrow).

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