Sunday, December 04, 2011

Basement restoration update

The basement is coming along nicely. There are 4 rooms to get through though, and my workshop is getting to go last. It's a case of 'fix a bit of one area, move stuff over, fix a bit of next area' and so on, so actually only the floors are coming along nicely so far, but still - it's looking great! Used to be concrete, now we get tiles, lovely :)

After all the floors are done we have walls to plaster and wallpaper, a complete rewirering and setting up of adittional light and sockets (there is only one socket in the entire basement right now), the ceilings need a good once over and we are getting new windows too, since the old ones are really old and painted shut for good.

As you can tell, this is quite a bit of work and not something that will be done any time soon. I shall set up my workshop as there is space available, but first all of it must be cleaned thoroughly to remove all of the concrete dust that has enveloped every single thing in there.

We have spent the day moving and sorting 'stuff', even got a good load off to the recycling station. Now one more room is empty and ready for tiling, and other rooms are stacked. I don't know if you can see the dust, but here is a picture of my current workshop area. You can barely see where I'm supposed to go!

Well, I guess I'll just have to buckle up and get work. I have a show in february! to create for. It's just around the corner ...

I hope you have a nice week,

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