Monday, October 10, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 2

Only 2 weeks to go! It is getting very exciting around here :)

This is this weeks production. Goddess pendant beads, one large goddess (+ 3 more in the kiln, Yay), and a bunch of drop pendant beads.

This week I also ordered and recieved most of everything I think I'll need, and I even had a bit of incoming funds, which is very nice.

There is no more time to worry, so I will simply be looking forward to the Kunst, Mad & Vin show for the remaining 2 weeks, while I torch like never before. Life is grand :)

Love, Lene

PS: I still have free/reduced price tickets for the show. Free admittance on friday from 14-16 and reduced prices for the rest of the weekend. Let me know if you would like one/some at profusionartglass[@] There is lots of art to be seen :)

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