Monday, October 31, 2011

Visit my Amio

The shop is open! Click the pic to visit.

I have uploaded pretty new pieces and adjusted some prices. Fixed some postage for international shoppers. Go have a look, I'm kind of proud of my new pendants :)

I'll keep shooting pics this week and upload as I get them done. I might end up with quite a selection.

Have a great week!

Monday, October 24, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 0, Showtime!

Phew! What a couple of days it has been.
It was very nice to be out in public with my glass. I got soo many compliments from soo many people, and I even made myself happy with a new booth look and all new pieces.

Here is a picture of my booth. I were very happy to get a corner with two sides open. My clever sister came up with the table arrangement of one table against the wall and the other out from the wall. It was brilliant actually, with plenty of space between them for people to go in and not feel squeezed, and room for me to sit in too.

My nifty new booth look
And check out the photos on the wall. I never had those before, but always knew I wanted some, and they were great!

I also managed to make enough figures and pendants to fill the tables, and even have a good portion left over to fill in with as sales were made. Here is a closer view of my tables.

My nice and simple setup
I'm loving my new trays. They look good and also makes it very easy to pack up every night and set up in minutes every morning. Excellent!

Now the show is over, and since the number of guests were quite a bit lower than expected I have a lot of pieces in stock, ready to be photographed and uploaded to my online shop at That will happen during the coming days as I find time to shoot during daylight.

For now I just want to say THANK YOU to all that came by, to all that let me know they liked what I have made, and especially to my boyfriend and my sister for all their help before ad during these 3 days of the show.

Thank you :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 1

Week 1 it says, but really there is only 4 days left!
This weeks production regrettably were not impressive, but look at these jewels! I am very pleased with them. Excellent colour and lots of shine.

I also shot some pictures for the show. This is one.

I may have to re-shoot some of them. Some of the ivory pieces are burned out. Some are okay though, so I'll have to see about that. Time is running out and I have to order today/tonight to be sure to get them in time.
So I'll be off, doing more preparations.

Have a nice week!
(it is vacation week here in Denmark)

Monday, October 10, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 2

Only 2 weeks to go! It is getting very exciting around here :)

This is this weeks production. Goddess pendant beads, one large goddess (+ 3 more in the kiln, Yay), and a bunch of drop pendant beads.

This week I also ordered and recieved most of everything I think I'll need, and I even had a bit of incoming funds, which is very nice.

There is no more time to worry, so I will simply be looking forward to the Kunst, Mad & Vin show for the remaining 2 weeks, while I torch like never before. Life is grand :)

Love, Lene

PS: I still have free/reduced price tickets for the show. Free admittance on friday from 14-16 and reduced prices for the rest of the weekend. Let me know if you would like one/some at profusionartglass[@] There is lots of art to be seen :)

Monday, October 03, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 3

Argh, Only 18 days to go! And still I have no giftbags. After the last failure I am wary of shopping online, but I feel the deadline breathing down the back of my neck, so today I'll fire off an order and hope for the best.

This week I got a few good things done. I ordered more glass, a load of bails, some leathernecklaces for the pendants (need more), some earrings for the flowers (need more) and 2 display trays in black (need more). I also found some other display objects that I hope will be good with my ladies. The lofty idea I had of building some sort of shelf arrangement is not going to happen, so I am looking for alternatives.

I also celebrated my birthday on friday by taking the day off of work. I got in a nice couple of hours of torchtime, Yay! then proceeded to housecleaning (a bit less of a yay, but nice in the end) and picking up the kids early.

(sorry about the picture. It's getting dark earlier now, so I had to use flash)

Bye for now,
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