Monday, November 21, 2011

A prototype

Yes! This week I finally got myself in bed early enough one night, to get up again at 03 a.m. to torch. It did rather ruin the next 3 days for me in terms of lost energy, but ... I got to make these

It's a pair of Goddess earrings, and they were more difficult to make than I had thought they would be. I had time for just one more before the alarmclock told me it was time to wake the family. She's a bit larger and should probably be a pendant instead of an earring.

I'm very pleased to have arms, legs and a head on these, but - they are not quite what I had expected. I'm not quite sure what I did infact expect, I have no clear image in my head of what I wanted them to be like, but this isn't exactly it.

I'll have to try and find out what my nebulous idea really is so I can make that next time I get to torch. I think perhaps rounder, more of a caricature. If I could make a mix of a pod-shape and a woman, or perhaps a marble that has indentations hinting of a human form ...
I already have made pendants which start out as a drop and end as a goddess. No arms, legs or head though, but it shouldn't be impossible to start with a marble instead.

Yup, that's my plan.

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