Monday, November 07, 2011

Oh my Goddess!

This past week were all about the Goddesses.
Not only did I post 4 Goddess pendants to my shop at, like this one:

The Lady of the Shapely Posterior :)

I also got to send off this beauty halfway across the country, to Marslev on Fyn.

Please click the picture to fully apreciate her gorgeous slender curves
This is one of my new ladies, the largest bunch I have made until now, and her new owner is very pleased. I am so happy that I could make that happen. It is my mission after all, to spread the joy of lovely curves, captured in glass.

This week I will post a couple of these beauties to my shop, and I hope to get in a bit of torchtime too. I have a Goddess project I am quite eager to create. But - it's a secret for now, and I'm not telling ;)

Have a beautiful week,

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