Friday, August 21, 2009

New Tools

So what tools did I get you ask? Well -
I have been having a lot of fun playing with the large hole mandrels I have. They are only 5mm mandrels, but that is large for me and my tiny beads :)
The whole point of making beads with larger holes is of course that I would love to core them, and eventually cap them too. I just love the look, not to mention the feel, of cored/capped beads. Glass in itself has a lovely weight, but the extra weight of the silver is a treat that screams 'Quality!' to me.
I now own a tubecutter from Ridgid, a beadliner from ArtintheRound, and a bit of tube from Ravstedhus. The only problem is that the tube has a slightly larger outer dimension than the inner dimension of the beads I had prepared. Now I double dip the mandrels, to see if that helps, but of course these new beads are waiting to be annealed. The double dipping seems to make the seperator crack when I heat it, even if I leave it to dry overnight (or several nights as it may be), so it can be a bit difficult to work with, but I am getting used to it.

Artsy thought of the week - I need to start earning some serious money, because I think I may have to start a ceramic collection too, as well as a glassobject collection.
I collect names/cards of artists I like, and have done so for years. One day I will be able to shop art again, it will happen, most definately, because it makes my soul sing.
Last saturday I saw the beautiful earthy works of Annette Valstrøm at the annual arts and crafts market at Vor Frue Plads in Copenhagen. She had brought this type of figures, a lot of them, a whole forrest. It was a beautiful sight (and I want one! or two ...) :)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An update ...

is in order I think.

Sadly it seems the summer is getting ready to turn into fall around here, not quite there yet, but I feel it coming. We could all use a bit more sun before starting to wear sweaters again. But we had a nice couple of weeks off from the ratrace and that will have to suffice until the christmas holiday.

The grown-ups are back at work, the kids are back at school. Well, one is back but a grade up, one has just had her first week of school, and one has upgraded from baby-daycare to kindergarten. It is all very exciting, with new experiences, new people and new friends all around.

Personally I have a lot going on too. During the summer I have been thinking a lot, planning, thinking some more ... I basically know what I want to do, and it is 'simply' a matter of acting on it, which of course is never as simple as it sounds.
I have begun by ordering new glass, tools and finally last friday - my kiln! Yes, I did it, and it will be lovely. I am having it custom made, to fit the plans that are still in my head. It is very exciting I can tell you :)
And - I have aplied to become a proper business! Today I got my CVR-number, and that too is VERY exciting. I am hoping it will send me flying on pure upbeat energy, throughout and beyond the winter.

Anybody else feeling the winter? Or better yet, feeling excited about the future?

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