Monday, August 22, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 9

This week, more pendant beads.
I tried out the Kalypso and it is delicious. I made the same type of beads with different Double Helix glasses, and they are all yummy with each their special colour.

Pendant beads
This is Helios, like I used last week. See the little curl at the tip? I love it, but I'm not quite sure how I got it. Must try to replicate.

Helios with a curl

These are Kalypso,



this is Elektra,


and this is Psyche.


all on a base of Ivory. See how the Elektra and Psyche does not fume the base, and the Helios and Kalypso does? Quite a bit actually, and I think Kalypso fumes the most, so cover it up quickly if you don't want fuming around the beautifull purples. I rather like it, so I'll just keep doing what I have been doing.

This week I also asked my sister, the photographer, to help me. I need a portrait, product shots and some torch-action shots for the show catalogue and other preparations for the show. She makes me look good. Yay! She even makes me smile :)
Me :)

I also had to return the gift bags, which is annoying, but I still have time to get new ones, so I am not overly worried. I have never returned anything before, so this is a whole new experience. Yay for that at least.

Now I have to write a bit for the catalogue and be done before september 1'st. Hm. Not something that comes easy to me, but I'll do what I can.

See you next week,

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