Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Beads - fresh from the kiln!

Ooh how I love having a kiln! :)
It is a very luxurious feeling to be able to work with the beads I made yesterday, today! as opposed to the 'in 2-3 months' that I am used to.
I also love being unafraid of going larger, although I now have thoughts of how much more glass is potentially wasted in an ugly/wonky bead. Yes, I have a block against wasting. I need to give myself permission to not be perfect, to not making a masterpiece every single time I torch. I'll be working on it ...

Here are my new beads. The smaller one is an example of the size I am used to making.

These 2 are my favourites

Here are my first 2 test sculptures, with a pendant of my usual size beside them.

They are big! for me anyway, but I aim to double this size before long. Sculpting is fun!

and all those are annealed! Yay!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

My kiln is here!

Yes! And here is the glorious thing:

Lovely :)

I have been running the prefiring program today. It's not quite done yet, and it shows a beautiful glow from the beaddoor that is slightly ajar to let out the fumes.
It has been running for 4½ hours, and even with an empty kiln I can sympathise with all the stories I have heard of beadmakers opening the kiln too early :)
I got the kiln at Uterm in Sweden. I finally ordered it and 2 weeks later it was ready. Then 1 week for the payment to pass the banking system, one week in transit and now it is here :) Yay! I have great plans :)
It says on their website, that kilns are build to size, so I asked for a deeper version of their BA-2. I now have an inner area of 30x30cm (1'x1') and it is huge! I have all kinds of posibilities open to me :)
I completely forgot to ask if I could get a kilnshelf and a mandrel rack for it, so I guess I'll need that before I get too busy. I might not be able to contain myself though. I may have to fire it up tomorrow already as my parents have requested the presence of their grandchildren. Score! I'll have several childfree hours tomorrow.

More pictures!

Big enough for a dinner plate!

You can put your fist through that beaddoor. Perfect!

4 heating elements in the top (1 hidden by the edge)

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