Monday, June 20, 2011

17 week countdown!

At the market last weekend I had and awfull lot of beads stolen. 14 purple silvercored braceletbeads, 30 uncored braceletbeads and two larger beads too.

I'm not going to complain about it though. It left me with all sorts of weird feelings, some unpleasant, but mostly I feel strangely relieved and very eager to start producing new beads. This is a good thing :)

My next 'market' is the huge (and might I add censored ;) 'Kunst, Mad & Vin' (Art, Food & Wine) show at Falconer Centeret in Copenhagen. It is on october 21-23'rd and I am very excited about being accepted. A ton of people will come, it is a fact, and I intend to be ready this time.
I have 17 weeks (including this one) to produce and stock up.

However - I know myself well enough by now to know that if I'm not carefull I will let weeks and weeks pass because 'there's plenty of time'.
So in order to keep myself accountable I hereby declare:

~ o 0 o ~
I intend that on monday of each of the 17 weeks I will accumulate and post a list of what I have done during the past week to reach my goals for this art fair.
~ o 0 o ~

So be it!

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