Monday, August 29, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 8

Just a tiny little update this week, since we went away with the girl's school class for the weekend and I am exhausted! I keep forgetting how much noise a room full of children and parents can generate, and what it does to my head. Phew!

Anyway - things I got done:
another torchsession (beads are in the kiln, pics below later)
final payment of booth fee paid
return payment for the gift bags recieved (okay, I didn't actually do that)
blurp for the show press center begun (about halfway through)
sketches for handmade bails with lots of swirls (because I've always loved swirls, and being around Karin Castens is inspirering :)

Things with a deadline fast approaching:
Blurp for the press center (send by thursday)
Picture for the catalogue (send by thursday)
An article for the catalogue (not likely, but send by thursday)

Also to consider:
order new giftbags + tissue paper
order bails for all the pendants + possibly sterling chains
set up timeline and deadline for large prints for the walls + perhaps business cards
start to seriously consider what type of display to buy/build

... and a million other little details.


-Aha, there it is :)

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