'Don't play with fire!' That is the advice we all hear as children, but really, is there anything better?

Imagine through fire, to be able to handshape and sculpt what is essentially rock and minerals. To lure luxurious shapes and colours forth, where before were none. To create with a scorching passion. Oh yes, I play with fire, and I love it!

I make jewelry and figures you will not find anywhere else, made with love, patience and quality materials.
I have been lampworking since February 2007, and I love both the challenges and possibilities of the glass. I am basicly selftaught (isn't the internet great?). I have been to a few weekend classes, and in 2009 I registered my business: Profusion Art Glass.

Even before I got my tools and equipment I knew that figures and untraditional beads would be my niche. Hot fluid glass wants to be round, but I prefer to give my beads interesting organic shapes, that hints of natural shapes like seedpods, drops and not least the female body in classic style. I build my figures and beads with great care and attention to detail, shape and material. Glass is a fantastic tactile material and my work is best appreciated through both sight and touch.

I enjoy taking part in leading this ancient artform into modern times, and I look forward to challenging myself in the future, with projects that includes jeweller techniques, to be able to complete the expression of my pieces.

If like me, you love the unique, the organically shaped and the handmade, I'd like to invite you to see more in my blog and my online shop at Amio.dk.
If you want to experience my pieces live, which is after all the best way to experience them, I have made a list of links to the shops that carry my glass. You will find the list in the left collumn. It is called 'Find me Offline'.
Thank you for reading this far :)
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