Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas Market at Valdemar Castle!

Yes! on December 4'th and 5'th I will attend/sell at the Christmas Market at Valdmar Castle.
My lampwork-friend Lenette has kindly offered to share her booth with me, and she has been allowed to set up her torch to be able to do live demos. It will be great!

I've never been there before and I am looking very much forward to the experience, not to mention seeing what the other sellers are bringing. I can see from the event website that there were 72 booths last year, and this year they have doubled the market to last 2 weekends of wich we will attend the second.

Anyway - I really need to have some fresh new work when I go there (just for my own pleasure), so I made these:

They will be pendants on sterling bails, and I am very pleased with the patterns, both the frit'ed ones and the deliberately dotted ones. The purplish frit'ed one ended up with a bit of a pearshape, and I love it! Just a touch more organic than the marvered drops, Brilliant! And the pattern on it looks like a fierce thunderstorm at sunset, so Yup, that is my favourite :)
More of both types will definately follow :)

Merry Christmas! (a bit early perhaps?)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gail Crosman Moore Class, Day 1

Ooh, I've had a great day :)
It is so nice to be in the company of dedicated beadmakers all day, torching away for hours.

We made 6 beads today, all in Gails lovely style. My first beads, we made 4 in a row on one mandrel, were quite wobbly and unevenly spaced, but after that it went very well, and I can't wait to see my beads again tomorrow.
Gail is a lovely woman, and everybody were very focused, working constantly at their beads all day long.

Here is Gail, working on one of her fabulous pod pendants

Gail Crosman Moore at Bifrost Denmark, Oct 2010

Gail Crosman Moore at Bifrost Denmark, Oct 2010

As for working in boro - the colours are just wonderful. Nice muted tones, just like I like them. Laying down lines of stringer is much easier than in soft glass, but shaping the base bead can take a while. The boro hardens much quicker and must be reheated a lot. Also, the bead while being shaped, is radiating a lot! of heat. It is not easy to get close to the bead when laying stringers or dots.

I am still undecided as to weather this is something I would like to invest in at this point, but since it will require a new pair of glasses, not just the glassrods, and probably new beadrelease too, I think I will have to wait for later. I'd love to try to make implosion marbles in boro, but I guess I could practice in soft glass first, then upgrade later if I like it.

Tomorrow will be interesting too. We have been asked to bring inspiration (pics, objects what have you), and our own works that we would like to develop on. I am not really sure what to bring, but that I must think about in the morning.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Gail Crosman Moore Class!

I have been looking forward to this weekend since I snatched the last seat in this class back in may.
I love Gails pod- and flowerlike beads, and getting to try boroglass will be exciting, since I have only ever worked in soft glass. I can't show you a pic cause I haven't asked for permission, but here is her website with gallery and blog and many lovely pictures.

Now I will pack a few tools and go to bed so I can get a good nights sleep before we tart tomorrow. 7 hours at the torch will be a bit hard, but the classes at Bifrost are great, and my friend Lenette will be there too, so I know it will be a fun couple of days :)



Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Yes!Once more I grace the frontpage of Danish handmade shop site Amio.dk
This time with a pair of nifty earrings in black and white, see the top row there?

Also, if you look below the B/W you will see a lovely focal in purple tones on white that I am very pleased with. It is not as big as the one I wear myself, but the colours and organic pattern came out very nicely.

And new at my blog is the scrolling box of my goods at Amio, over at the left. Fellow Amio shop owner Bo Kavlslund made the script for all us sellers at Amio to use. He also makes sterling Jewelry, and this one called 'Fire' is my favorite, me being a lampworker and all :)

So - Danes, check out Amio, lots of good stuff there.
Foreigners, you are welcome too of course, just click around and see what the danish words are hiding. Don't be put off by the prices, just split the amount by 5,5 for US$ and 7.6 for EUROs (todays rates).

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