Monday, November 28, 2011

A bit of downtime ...

Guess what?
Yesterday I completely forgot to set up my blogpost. Never even thought about it. I am a bit miffed, that after all these weeks it is still not a well rooted routine, but I guess if it had been a daily thing it might have been.

So, what do I have to tell you this week ... Well, my darling boyfriend has set out to renovate the entire basement. It is a huge project we have been looking forward to with equal parts of joy and dread since we moved in 5 years ago. I know it will be wonderfull in the end, but - my workshop is in the basement and for now I will have to close it down.

The entire basement, including my glass, tools, kiln and what have you - it is allready covered in a fine layer of concrete dust that seeps in under the doors, and even up the staircase a bit. Everything will have to be cleaned up before I can torch again.
And you know all the boxes and bags and furniture that seem to breed in a basement? All that needs to be cleaned too. We have nowhere to put everything, and there will be a lot of moving stuff around as one room gets tiled and the next is in line.

I look much forward to get the rest of the boxes sorted and thrown away. I did get through at least half of it when we had the flooding this summer, but there is still way too much stuff we don't need down there. Which is also the reason we never have had any good use of the space, except for storrage.

That is going to change now. We have great plans for all 4 rooms, and one will be my workshop! I haven't made a definate floorplan, but I have many thoughts about how I'd like it to end up. Especially I want gas and oxygen permanently attached to my torch. I have been rolling back and forth the hoses for the past almost 5 years I have been torching, and it's getting old. I'd like to be able to just go there and light up, and turn it off when I am done. It's a simple wish, I know, but one that would please me to no end.

I'm off to dream about it :)
What is your dream?

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