Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Glass!

I never thought I were a shopaholic, but now I am beginning to think I could be one.
I don't shop for clothes or shoes, or decorative items for my home though, like females normally might do, but getting a delivery of new glassrods in the morning makes me delirious all day! Ooh the joy! I feel giddy to the point of getting comments.
I didn't have time to open the box that came this morning, it arrived just as we were leaving, so I have been ... distracted all day, and just waiting for the moment that I can turn off this PC and go home to fondle and sort my new treasures :)

And speaking of treasures - I mentioned Vickie Hallmark in my last post. For a week now I have been wearing this beauty:

Thank you Vickie, for trading with me, and for the use of your picture

I love her pods. The shape is so delicious, and the colours are wonderfull. It is nice and heavy in a way that makes me think of precious metals and stones :)
Vickie uses ribbons for her pods, and I definately need to think of something pretty too. I just threaded it onto a meter of sterling chain from my supplybox, because I had to wear it immediately when it arrived :) I suppose it could be okay if I oxidized it, but right now it is too shiny.

Well, only ½ an hour now, till I get to go home. Yay!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's Cooking?

Well, after discovering this lovely Lady, Vickie Hallmark, and her fabulous pods, I have been all hopping with ideas of electroforming. Even if I don't see me getting the equipment in the near future (probably not this year), it is very exciting all the same, and I am writing and sketching so I will remember later.
I did get to the torch this weekend, and I made these somewhat podlike things:

Now the thing is - there were 2 more, but they broke on the mandrel. The black one broke right after taking this picture, and the green one is cracked in so many places it's not even funny. This means I have 3 measly beads to show after 2½ hours of torching, and I really don't see how that can ever turn into even a selfsustained hobby, much less a business with a profit.
I do realize that had I had a kiln they might not have broken, with practice I might have been faster, and with a plan before I sit down I might be faster too (I think I need a Colour Book). But still ....
And about the kiln, it seems any kiln I can find will be needing more amps than we have for the whole house at this time. Which means not only do I need to invest in a kiln, but I also need to get extra powerlines into the house to get it to fire in the first place. So I have been ignoring the whole kiln issue, after getting a good start a few weeks back.
I am up and down all at the same time o_O

Mostly up though, I am good at ignoring things. And I have made an order for more glass (this time from Holland again) which is a definate up'er :) The owner told me that postage was the same no matter the size of the order, so I got a lot! 20 colours = 2,5 kg (well it's a lot for me. I can't compete with the 30 pound orders I have heard of, don't want to either :) ) I also got the new Japanese annealing bubbles, so I am hoping for less cracks already. Now I am looking for a nice storage system, since having rods laying in layers on the table is bad, bad feng shui.

This week will be busy though so I may not get a lot of (any) things done. My baby's birthday is tomorrow, she'll be 2. The house is a disaster and needs to be cleaned up tonight before company arrives tomorrow for dinner. We have also yet to get her a present or two. It's amazing how these things sneak up on us time and again. Saturday we go on a boat trip with the workplace people, and the kids sleep over at my parents house. Then sunday we'll have them over for lunch is the plan so far ... it may not seem like a lot, but I'm tired allready.


Thursday, May 01, 2008

I'm a front row girl!

Completely non-glass related :)

Today I did something I have never done before. I went to a concert, without having a ticket, hoping I could get one at the door. This concert was completely sold out and had been for a while, and I had not expected to be able to get in. But I know this venue, and since the merchandise stand is passed before you have to show your ticket, I thought I would go and at least get the new CD. Then I thought, why not try to find a ticket now that I will be there anyway. So I made a sign proclaiming that I needed a ticket and I stood by the door to be seen by everyone entering.

And it worked! I stood there for 15-20 min. when a guy came over and sold me a ticket! Yes, once again have I been fortunate enough to experience the wonder that is Einstürzende Neubauten. If you do not know these guys, now would be a good time to do a bit of research and aquaint yourself with something wonderful. You must like your music rythmic and loud though, and be up for a bit of powertools and steel percussion. And German language :) Lots of stuff on YouTube. A favourite of mine Haus der Lüge, Yum! They didn't play much of the good old stuff though, mostly from the recent years and from the new CD that I have not heard yet. But I liked the new songs and I look forward to getting to know them :)
I were talking a bit with the girl next to me, and it was her first Neubauten live concert. She liked it a lot! And I could only agree, they are awesome :)

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