Monday, August 01, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 12

What a great week! :)
Not only am I still vacationing, not only did I manage to make my (almost) first fabulous hollows ever ...

Check out the size of this set! I were very impressed with my calm patience. If this is what happens when I torch in the morning, I really have some prioritizing to consider.

These are made in ivory and covered with Zimmermans fabled Z-99 purple. I love the stuff, it keeps prolonging my purple period. My stash will last for a while, but it's really too bad they don't make it anymore :/

Large hollow beads
I'd like to add that these are made by building discs only, not on a hollow mandrel. There has been no blowing involved, as you can see by the unevenness of the beads, or should I say the wonderfull rustic and organic shapes ;)

I also tried adding a bit of very chunky frit, which I have never tried before. It was not easy to get it to stick, but I am very pleased with the colour. I might like to crush it into smaller sizes of frit, but for this is was good.
Isn't that a lovely purple/blue planet full of little islands? There's even a crater :)

Portable Planet
I am a bit undecided about wheather all these should be silvercored, but I suppose I'll have to see if they will fit my tool and let that be the deciding factor.

SO - not only did I get to make these lovelies, I also got a kick in the butt from the wonderfull Karin Castens of Castens Gallery (blog / website). I love what that woman can do with a little bit of silver, gold and precious stones!

But back to the kicking part - it led to me visiting an art gallery down the street from Karins shop, presenting my glassfigures to the owner, and voilá - on saturday I delivered 3 figures and 3 goddess pendants to be included in the gallery. Yay! :D

The gallery is called Gallerie Eros. It is the only gallery purely of erotic art in Denmark, and in a couple of days she will have pictures of my ladies on the website.

Gallerie Eros
The gallery has a mix of old and new, explicit and understated, and you can read all about it on the gallery website!
The owner, Bettina Sinnet Fornitz, was very optimistic and now I am too, so a double yay! and many Thank You's goes out to her :)

A lovely week. Just lovely :)


angelinabeadalina said...

Awesome gallery news! Congratulations! I like the hollows, too, especially since you did it them the disc way. Lots of patience, indeed!

Profusion said...

Thank you Angela :)
I have a hollow mandrel, and as soon as I can get a hole drilled in it I will try the blowing method. I love them 'organic', but properly round would be great too :)

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