Friday, March 20, 2009

LEG-livsstilsmesse, all weekend

Well I'm off then.
Wish me luck on my show, I really could use a kiln of my own ;)

I have just finished a few rings I'll be bringing, and I think I've got everything I need packed up, so I guess I'm ready.

The show is in Roskilde Kongrescenter (Roskilde Hallen), so if you're around Roskilde this weekend, come on over and say hi :)



angelinabeadalina said...

Wonderful show vibes heading your way all weekend :)

P.S. If your booth/table is anything like you've shown before, everyone is going to want to stop by and look! Hope they each buy lots!

Lone Ringskær said...

Good luck on your show, hope it is everything you hope for and more.
Please let us know how it turned out.
...would like to see your rings and other stuff as well.

Profusion said...

Thank you both :)
Well, That was a bit of a bust. They had somehow expected 7500 people, but last numbers from 2 different people were 1100 and 4000. We are not quite sure which it is, but my guess is 1100 in total. It was really slow. Several people were ready to pack up and leave. We stayed though, for the duration. I'll blog it tomorrow.
And I'll have plenty of time to shoot pics of everythong, cause I'm bringing most of it home again :/

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