Sunday, March 01, 2009


I have done something insane! I have registered to be in a show - in 3 weeks!!!
If that doesn't kill me, I'm sure I will be stronger. Or perhaps just completely worn out. Ha!
Hmm, I should probably ask my dayjob for a day off, right? It's a 3-day event, friday, saturday and sunday.

I have 1 week only, to make new beads for this. Then 1 week to have them annealed and shipped back to me by mail, then 1 week to make the beads into beautiful jewelry. How is that for stressing out a poor stressed out girl? Well, I am sure it will be fun in the end :)
Here is a link by the way: LEG-livsstilsmesse. Not an artshow this time, but a show of wellness and luxurious unique clothings and accessories. That kind of thing.

And to re-cap the last weeks time - last saturday I got in our car and drove off to Ebeltoft, to meet up with some of the members of Webglas. We had a great day of torching, chatting and sharing at Louisa and Henrik Moeslund's. It was fun to meet people you have only known from mails on a Yahoo group.
I were happy to see their glassblowing workshop and the shop where they sell from. I love the bulls on wheels they have, there's a similar moose on their website :)

I have also joined a group called Englebasserne (Danish word for those fat cute heralding angels). It is a group of mostly women, artists and crafters, who has joined up to support each other. The lady who formed the group is very energetic. She arranges bazars and participation in shows and deals on promotion for the members. I went to a group meeting on thursday, and it was very envigorating. Which is why I have mailed her and asked if I can be in on the next show :)
I should probably have checked my calender first, and I have not had a confirmation yet, but YAY! :)


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Anonymous said...

You are going to be one busy gal...good luck and great sales.

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