Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm a winner!

Oh my, oh my!
While I've been working on new pieces for my show I've had a bit of good luck come my way. Over at several raffles have been held to support glass worker Shannon Hill. I don't know him, but the prices are all glass related, donated by the lampwork community, so I've been playing.
And I've won too :) Earlier this year I won a wonderful bird from Lost Marbles, and now - I won again! It's a beautiful necklace made by the amazing Stacey of Stosh B Design. I love her work, I really do, and I have been admirering her Etsy shop for a long time already.

It is funny, because yesterday I got Robert Genn's weekly letter, and this one contained a little gem for me. 'Do whatever it takes to honour your personal perception of quality' he says, and continues: 'This may mean slowing down, speeding up, multitasking, single-tracking, going back to basics, being risky, being cautious, dreaming, concentrating, winging it or even reading the instructions.' I'm not completely sure which one it is for me, but this is what I want to do.

And if ever another person has shown me what quality is to me it is Stosh. Her pieces are simply oozing quality and handmade care.
I love the colours she use in her beads, nice earthy muted tones yet they are strongly colourfull. I love how sturdy and solid they seem, and I love her silver work. I like a bit of weight to my jewelry, it just screams quality work to me. Her website says she has been working in silver before she made beads, and she is obviously very skilled. Just look at this beauty, how the double beadcaps hug the bead in a tight fit even though they are quite thick and must be difficult to shape with such precision. In fact go look at all of her shop, including the sold items. It's a gallery of pure excellence.

This is the unique and classic beauty that is coming to me shortly. Necklace and photo by Stosh, thank you so much!


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angelinabeadalina said...

Stosh's work has such a timeless, mystical quality to it. Your necklace on the way is a beautiful piece of art :)

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