Sunday, March 22, 2009


Tak til alle gæster der besøgte Englebassernes stand på messen, og tak til alle der tog imod mit kort. Jeg håber at I vil besøge mig her på nettet, og måske endda sige hej :)
Her er lidt billeder af min stand.

Here are a few pictures of my table.

Left side:

Right side (check out my new neck-display, yeah!):

And a close-up of my spiffy new hat with custom inscription :)

It makes me look like a truck driver, so I put it on the white lady. I'll use it when I'm torching though :)


angelinabeadalina said...

Cool table, Lene! I'd definitely stop at a table like that and check out the goodies :)

Profusion said...

Thanks Angela :)
But you already love glass, and perhaps most people does not. Even though it is the ultimate cool, right? :)

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