Thursday, April 26, 2012

My first ROUND marbles!

Ooh, I love my infinite rim mould!

Yes, I decided to go ahead and get one, since all I have heard about it is praise and goodness. Isn't it delicious and pretty and SHINY :)

And it works great too, these are my very first rounded marbles.

From the top left:
a spectacularly cracked flower marble,
a large-ish vortex in pastels and pixiedust, slightly cracked and with a ring of soot,
a slightly cracked planet marble,
an octopus experiment with a very flat 'face',
another planet with several mysteriously flat areas,
and finally the best of the bunch, a white flower with just a bit of soot at the top of the lens.

It seems perhaps I should start out a bit smaller, or perhaps by reading/watching a tutorial :)

I am not unaccustomed to keeping large masses of glass warm (large for beads anyway), but I have never used punties before. I dropped the first marble tree times (the cracked planet), but after that it went well. It is a bit of a distraction though, as is using a new tool, which may well have kept my attention from keeping the heat up.

But I am very happy with them, in anticipation of better results with practice :)


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