Monday, April 30, 2012

Imploding is fun!

After my first marble session I realised that for now, the implosions was the most fun for me to make, so I made some more.

This one is my favourite so far. The white petals have a really nice curve, the whole flower is halfway up through the marble, not just at the bottom, and I even got some green leaves in below. They have a different shape than the petals, which I like because I did it on purpose :)

Also the flower goes straight up, and while it is still not a perfectly round marble, it wants to stand the right way up, all by itself. Yay!

These are the 3 new ones I got made. No cracks at all this time, no soot, and I also took care to make the surface nice and smooth and free of chillmarks so you clearly see what's inside.

The baby-blue one has been squished on top. I think I make my marias too flat to begin with, and definately squished this one too much while imploding. I got it uncentered from the beginning too, but I like the melting part so I finished it anyway.

This one I tried to make with an additional row of petals, which worked out fine, but the mass of flowing glass turned sideways while imploding, and it is topheavy too, so ... not so fabulous either.

But I love it, I do, and I want to learn more. The whole implosion process is intriguing and I look much forward to trying it again. I think I may have to make yet another list of 'things to try out', because my mind is sizzling with ideas.


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