Sunday, April 08, 2012

'My' new gallery! (part I)

This past friday was the opening day of a new gallery, 'Galleriet Hornbæk', in ... Hornbæk ;)

Last weekend I delivered 6 of my big ladies and an assortment of pendants to the owner, Susanne Risom, and on friday I went to the opening. It was great to see my work in the gallery among all the art. 

This is the front of the shop. It is only a window and a door wide, but inside it stretches through 3 rooms en suite, all the way to the back of the building.

Here is a window on the side wall, full of glass, ceramic bowls, bronze animals and bottlestoppers, and also some of my ladies.

This is the jewellery displaybox holding the rest of my glass, next to wild fairytale jewellery by Pernille Mouritzen.

You can see more pictures of art by other artists at Susanne's website:  and I'll post some of the ones I found interesting in my next post.


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