Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Miniatures extravaganza!

This saturday I went to see a dollhouse and miniatures show in Farum Kulturhus. It was the 21'st year of this show, but I never heard of it before, so it was my first time there. And it was spectacular! My almost-8-year old and I ended up staying for 5 hours, wandering, looking, sqeeing with delight at each new treasure we discovered. And shopping a bit, of course, how could we not? :)

Before going I had looked over their website to see the vendors, and one in particular caught my interest. A miniature glass maker. So I went, and looked at all the wonderful tiny little bottles and wine glasses and champagne and tea sets and vases, and extra super tiny little christmas baubles and toppers for your doll house christmas tree. All in scale 1:12. He had even brought his torch and tubes and showed a bit of flamework at his booth.

I asked if I could take pictures, and I could, but only for private use. I asked several times to clarify and make sure since there was a bit of a language barrier (my german is ... not very efficient), but no, no pictures for the internet. No free online praise or promotion was wanted, and alas, no glass pictures for you ...

Instead I will show you a different and wonderfully fantastical miniature maker, this one from Holland. They even won a price, 'Most Beautiful Booth of the show', but it was the themes of witchcraft and wizardry that I fell for. Just look at this.

See this cluttered desk of the wizard and the next one of the witch, complete with tiny spell books, magical potions and scrying crystal balls.


Look at all the little (glass)bottles full of odd ingredients, the fearsome plantlife that wants your blood and the magical broomsticks ready to do your bidding.

See the little creature in the cage. The whole thing is about 2" high, so the tiny goblin must be about 1".

Go to http://www.wizardsminiaturesworld.com/ to see all of these and many more. It is all in Dutch, but just click everything and enjoy :)

So what did we bring home you may ask?
Well, since we don't have a dolls house, or are building anything ourselves, I thought I'd start a miniature glass collection. And what do you need to hold it? A tiny cabinet of course. With shelves and glass doors to look in through on the miniscule treasures.
I chose this beautiful one, and a set of little candlesticks (no candles I'm afraid, though they do exist), and when I came across the tiny 'Adventures of Sherlock Holmes', I had to include it too :)

My girl got a bunny in a cage and a very sweet picnic basket, which we filled up with plates, drinking glasses, lemonade and cake and bread. Even tiny cutlery and napkins too. And some grass to sit on of course, or it wouldn't be a picnic.
Now we look forward to building a box for the grass and set up a garden with homemade trees and perhaps a view, but who is invited to eat is still a mystery.

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