Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Yin/Yang or Goddess/God bead

Last year I made a bead for the competition at the annual beadmakers meet-up in Denmark in june. The theme was 'Contrasts' and my bead was a double body of a male and a female in black and white. (I wrote about it here, and I came in second, Wee! :)

Last week I had an urge to take up the design again. I really like the idea of it, but there are a couple of things that could be improved on to make my idea fully bloom.

First of all, last year I got the colours wrong. And it's not because I didn't check and google to see which colour is male and which is female. I did, then went to my workshop and promptly used black for the male and white for the female. 4 times in a row ...
This time I have it right, and I have to say it 'feels' right too, when I look at it. Sweet. 

Please click the photo to see it properly
The first 4 beads I made last year, they kind of have a 'let's stick these two bodies together'-look, and that is not what I am going for. I want the bodies to be connected, united into one piece, though still two distinct parts. I rather like my solution of a swirl on either side of the legs, both in the same direction, tying the colours together.

I will keep working on this design, there are a few more things I'd like to incorporate before it looks like the bead inside my mind, but this one came out great. I am very pleased with both bodies, and seeing this lady in black makes me want to use black more often in my Goddesses.

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