Monday, February 17, 2014

There's a new Etsy in town! Opening SALE!

Well, new might be a bit of a stretch, but after a 4½ year break it feels new to me.
I've been rewriting  texts, updating postage and prices, writting new item descriptions, shoting new photos of new pieces - yep, it feels new to me :)

Now that I am up to 19 items in my shop, and with more on the way, I am ready to tell it to the world. Woot! Play the fanfares and start celebrating,

Profusion Art Glass is back at!

And why not start with a SALE?
Starting now, and for the rest of February, write the code '20off022014' (that's alphanumeric for: 20% off, february 2014) in the coupon box when checking out and get 20% off any and all items!!

Below are a few pictures of fresh items in my Etsy shop, or you can just go directly to the shop and see everything at once.

Remember, the code goes invalid when March begins, so go have a look now!

Ooff! I'm excited! :)

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