Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Studio Renovation

So - do you remember, a year and a bit ago, I started rambling about how I were going to clear out all the stuff in the basement and have the room renovated and have a really nice studio?

Well, we're halfway there, and that deserves a fanfare: Toot tooteloot!!

And here are the pictures to prove it :)

The 'before', Yikes!

January 2013:
Only the flooring has been laid in at this point, but at least the room is empty. The table in the center of the room had nowhere to go, so we covered it up in paper and used it as a worktable.

The outer wall was in a pretty bad shape and had to be brutalized with a crowbar. You may be able to see that it was quite a layer that came off. And quite an area also.

Then my sweet and handy boyfriend set to work. He plastered up the wall, scraped off all the yellow paint, covered the walls and ceiling first in a sealing liquid, then fiber 'wallpaper' and finally painted everything white. See?

Except around the heater, that will be hidden by a curtain later.

So now I have the opportunity to build a great studio for all of my creative urges :)
I have many ideas of what I want to fit in there, but tell me - What do you enjoy most in your studio? What clever little details have you come up with? What have you done/build/bought, that you can't imagine functioning without?
I'd love to know.
Thank you,

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