Monday, March 04, 2013

Opening Day at Mille-Maj's

Opening day(s) went well, I heard from an excited, but very tired MilleMaj at closing time on saturday. She even had a painting class later in the day (I told you she is efficient), after all the visitors had gone home.

Picture time!

Here is the entire shop from outside, and the two windows seperately below for better viewing of the art (click them).

Inside, lots of goddies! Here a table full of ceramics, teapot warmers and other bits, and lots of colourful paintings and fused and slumped glass bowls by the wall.

A fine little cupboard, stuffed with pillows and owls. All the furniture is for sale too :)

The ceramic corner, cups, bowls and creatures, Oh my!

And here is the display for my pendants and figures in a glass cabinet in the center of the shop. Nice :)

And on the shelf above them, these fun characters. Is it a toucan or a punk-haired hunchback? Fun!

And look at this charming fellow :)

These were my favourite ceramic pieces. Mermaid bowls with beautifully decorated tails, and tiny little bowls with the most amazing red interior colour.

While I were having a look around, the girls were busy having fun with silk- and foamclay, and many little creatures were born.

There were so many more bits and pieces, but I'll stop here for now.
If you are into handmade, this is definately worth a visit :)
at Jernbanegade in Frederikssund

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