Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm in a new shop! Mille Maj in Frederikssund

This is very exciting!

This is a completely new shop, opening for the first time on friday march 1'st 2013.
Yes, there's only a few days untill the grand opening festivities, which by the way, will last for a full 2 days! Both friday and saturday will be stock full of great offers at reduced prices, and fun activities to join in on.

Mille Maj is one adventurous and highly efficient lady, and the shop is a wonderful mix of creativity. Yours and mine. She has pieces from several talented artists, in glass, ceramics, metal, fabric and paint, and also materials for you to buy and make your own crafts. And not only that, she is also offering a whole range of classes you can sign up for.

You can read all about it (in Danish) at Mille Maj's website.

Mille Maj's shop, before opening day,
with only a little bit of the craftyness showing :)
Thank you Mille-Maj for the use of your photo
This weekend I went and delivered my part of the goods. I gave her 4 godess figures and a whole bunch of goddess- and drop pendants, plus many pairs of loose flowerbeads for crafting jewelry. Many of these will be presented at a reduced rate for the opening.

I work on fridays, but I look much forward to going on saturday to have a look at all the wonderful creations. Uuf! I'm so excited!

The opening hours on the 2 opening days are as follows:

Friday 10-17.30
Saturday 10-14

You can see the regular hours at Mille Maj's website.

Come see all the crafty goodness for yourself :)


Britta said...

Congratulations Lene! That#s so great. I wish I could be there! Hope you make tons of photos and blog it so we can all see it:) Whhop whoop :)


Lene said...

Thank you Britta :)
I will go tomorrow and definately get some pictures (and maybe a little bit of ceramics ;) Whoop!

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