Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sign up for my Newsletter

As I said in my previous post I shall send out my very first newsletter in just a few days. I am aiming for sunday, to promote my appearance at a market really soon. I have made it an event already, over at my Facebook fan page, and I'd love to have you 'like' it over there too.
There will be other nice stuff in the newsletter, as I know most of you might not live close enough to stop by.

I have put up a link to my newsletter sign-up form, over to the left. Don't forget to chose wether you want it in Danish or English. I might make further segments later on based on your interests, but for now I just want to get started.

Also - I just found a bead set of mine on the frontpage of, the decorated bones second pic in line 3. If you don't know Amio, it is a Danish site, much like Etsy, where I have my online shop. What a nice surprise :)

Profusion Art Glass on the frontpage of

Have a lovely day :)

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