Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Marketday has come and gone ...

Okay, so I have signed this Contract of No Complaining for 49 days, and though I may not have been fulfilling it perfectly, let me tell you about this sundays market.

The rooms we were in were lovely. The building was a small theater, and my booth was in the actual room where audience would normally sit. The stage was at one end and there were painted decorations all around from floor to ceiling.

I got there a bit later than I had wanted, but managed to set up my display in time for opening, except for pricemarks which I scribled right then and there.
I usually don't have space for people to go around my table, but the arranger convinced me that it was a good idea, and also it went better with the booths on either side of mine. So here is my first go-around set-up.

My booth

My booth
My neighboor booth were a couple of nice ladies, sisters, who works in needlepoint. Their business is called Sorbet Design. Some of their goods were freshly handmade, and others were vintage.
They use vintage pieces of needlepoint to incorporate with beautiful fabrics in pillows, handbags and shoulderbags of several sizes, all with a shiny vintage brooch on the front (not the pillows, that would be un-comfy).
I should have taken pictures, but you can go visit their website.

We also discovered a shared interest. Remember those nipsenåle a few posts back? One of the sisters is a collector, and she promptly bought 2 of my pins. Yay! I were happy :) I in turn bought one of her lovely pincussions. Look, isn't that a fabulous combination?

Nipsenåle in a lovely pincushion
In the evening one sister asked if I were interested in a trade, and I am now the happy owner of a beautifully handmade shoulderbag. It goes perfectly with my favourite coat. Yay!
It is really well made, it's sturdy, yet feminine, it will last me a lifetime I am sure. I am very pleased :)

Then I packed up and drove home.


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