Friday, February 26, 2010

Thing-a-day: Feb. 26 (Silver Core Failure)

I am afraid todays thing didn't quite happen.
I wanted to core a couple of beads, but the sterling tube kept splitting, even after I sanded it smooth and pressed it very gently.
I startet over 4 times, and it is very odd, because the other bit of tube I got in the same order worked perfectly and easily, and I didn't do anything different this time. I think I will have to order some more fresh tube and hopefully it will go back to being easy again ...

So I give up for tonight on the coring, but before I go to bed I will make an S-clasp since I am so fond of the one I am wearing. I'd like to sell bracelets to go with my beads, but I wasn't satisfied with the toggle clasp I had before. Now I have a much better feeling about it, so I'd better get to work :)
Good night all, and have a nice weekend :)


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