Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thing-a-day: Feb. 24 (Bracelet Clasps and Pics)

Excellent productive day. Yay!
Unfortunately my beads are stil in the kiln being annealed, so they will be tomorrows thing.

I do have a pic though, of my bracelet. I had first made it using a toggle clasp. I have never worn one of those, just seen them being used for bracelets all the time. After a month of testing I'm not sure I like it though, so today I changed it for a S hook I had made a long time ago and never used. Oh what a difference, I love it! It is a 100% better. It is so pretty, easy to use and generally lifts the over-all appearance of the bracelet. Super!


I did get to go shopping for materials today. I got the soldered jumprings on either end of the S which made it possible for me to assemble the piece. I also got some sterling wire for making fibulas, and got carried away and got some agate beads. They have a large hole that will fit on 1,5mm wire and are the first semi.precious stones I have seen with this size hole. Yeah, I don't get out much :) I look forward to working with them.


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