Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm in a treasury :)

It was created by Flamekist whom I don't know, which makes it just a little bit better than a treasury made by a team member (though those are nice too:)



angelinabeadalina said...

Congratulations, P~! Have a terrific weekend :)

Profusion said...

Thanks :)
I will, it's the great birthday weekend. My boy turne 7 and 6 kids are coming over on sunday, + the 3 we already have. I'm stressed already :)
You have a great weekend too :)

Lone Ringskær said...

Congrats, Lene. On your bead beeing in a treasury and on your son turning 7.
My daughter is 8 years old today, so we will be celebrating her all day, too. Classmates at 10 o´clock and family at dinner.
Have a nice weekend.
Lone, Mårslet

Profusion said...

Thanks Lone,
Phew, what a day. Those kiddoes have all the energy I lack :)
I don't think I have a choise as to whether I'll go to bed early or not.

Contrariwise said...

lol. A tremendously titilating title for a treasury!


Profusion said...

It is, it is :)
Thank you.

Do you have some sort of tracking on your blog? I were visiting you this very afternoon. Please do share, I could use some stats/tracking info.

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