Friday, September 12, 2008


You wouldn't know it from reading this blog, but I have infact been doing things for the last 2 weeks, and here is an update on that.

Firstly - I haven't been making too many beads, only a handfull during the last 2 weeks. It's a very odd thing that happens every time I get beads back from annealing. Even though I know my show is coming up, my mind says:' Whoa! Look at all those beads. You did good, now relax, take some time off', and I get very sleepy and complies. I have made some earrings, charms/mini-pendants and a few teeth-necklaces though. These I can make sitting on the sofa, while watching a movie, and of course I need to do those things too, but really - I need more beads!
One thing I have noticed, is that even though I really love to look at and fondle my lose beads and contemplate what to do with them, there is also great joy to be had from holding a piece of jewelry. It just seems so much more finished and useable, and just plain neat to hold a selfmade piece up and dangle it in the sunlight. Before there were nothing, and now there is this! I am really looking forward to having all the pieces laying side by side at the show, and be able to look at it all and say 'I did this'.
(Photos may appear during the weekend ;)

While I may not have made a lot of beads, 2 nights ago I did make a nice pile of very nice and good sized ones. The special thing about these is that it was the first time I hooked up my oxygen concentrator, rather than get it from a tank. And it worked wonderfully. I generally tend to drag my feet when changes are about to happen, and this time has been no exception. I had worried the pressure would be noticeable lower, and that the glass would take forever to melt, but apparently I have been holding back on the tank pressure, and the difference was minute. I am running out of gas too, and I suppose when I get a fresh one there will be no difference. Except in my glass funds, which will last much longer now, Yay!
Thank you a million times Lenette (who arranged for me to have one).

A very important thing to bring to a show is of course business cards/postcards so that people may remember you and be able to find you again. So far I have not had any cards, but now is the time to get some. I wanted to have my logo, the swirly P, on them of course, but I tried to print it once and it came out quite fuzzy. So now I have had a very nice Etsy seller do it up for me in vectors, so I will be able to print it to my hearts delight. I will also change my banners to include this new P of course, as soon as I get the time to fix it. Anyway, here it is:

Much better than the old one, and done by malien00 in no time at all :)

Now I am getting a stamp made from it too. I have gotten a lot of boxes to sell my goods in, but they are quite plain, and I wanted to make them mine, put my mark on them so to speak. So I am getting a stamp made from just the P, to stamp on the lid, and another one with my full webaddress to stamp the inside of the lid. It will be quite nifty I can tell you, and I am looking much forward to getting them. It feels very businessy :)

The last thing I have done, is buying a set of little glass cabinets to display in at the show. I think it will end up quite grand :)

That is all for now,
'later dudettes,

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angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, I love the P, and the stamp idea is a terrific one! Can't wait to see pics of the jewelry goodies!

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