Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Facebook anyone?

Oh great! Yet another time-sucking vortex I can keep refreshing all day long :)
Well, I have made a profile on facebook. It's a glass related profile, and I am keeping my vampires on my personal (and in Danish) profile, so this one is nice and clean (so far), and a 'business' type thing.
This is it: profusion. I also made a 'page' for it which is here. So if anybody would like to friend me I would be happy to add you. And take a look at my events, even if you can't attend, just because I have them :)



angelinabeadalina said...

Haven't done Facebook yet, so I can't help with that...well, except to say I've heard there are lots of time-sucking games there that are fun to play (like Mousehunt and MobWars, you'll find threads for both in the Family Room on LE if you haven't already noticed them) :)

P.S. Curiosity will get the better of me some day, but I have to ask-- vampires? Sounds interesting!

Profusion said...

Yes, LE'ers seem to like the mousehunt, but I haven't added the aplication, so I don't know it.
The vampires are fun. I got 'bitten' by a friend, and now I get to 'bite' others (to get them to join up) and then I can fight other peoples vampires or feed my friends to them.
There's also an application for werewolfs and slayers and ... zombies I think. And of course there are levels you can rise to, when you win enough battles or turn enough people over or something. I am level 1 because I just joined up 2 days ago :)

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