Friday, April 25, 2008

Glass Art! Can't live without it :)

Okay, so when I said I were completely off international shopping, that of course does not include Etsy. Etsy is my special friend and I have shopped again.

This time from the long time admired AngelinaBeadalina. Angela makes amazingly large pieces for a lampworker, and though not all of her work appeals to me, I am frequently blown away by her organic flowing shapes. I thought about it and found that the faces she make are too chunky for me, but the long slender women figures are so what I want to see. Then going through her gallery I realized I rather love some of her faces too, like this one, or this. So overall, a most definate thumbs up :)
Now the thing is, she is holding a ridiculous sale of $25 a piece for 25 items in 25 days. I don't know how long is left, it can't be much, but that is not a sale, it's a give-away! And I lucked out and checked her shop at just the right time. I am now the happy owner of 'Essence of a Woman'. I saw this piece posted online before, and imediately loved the strong, happy, free shape of this dancing goddess. How can you not? She is just glorious.

Thank you Angela, for the use of your beautiful picture

Apparently I can't hold on to money when I've got them. However if I don't have any to use for fun and frivolity, then I can. It all works out nicely, and I'd like to propose a toast: To unexpected Tax Returns, Hoopla! :)

I do hope the postal service will cooperate this time, because I can't wait to get my mail !!!

(Glass Art Collector, Yay!)


GalleryJuana said...

Beautiful purchase. Your Goddess beads in your shop, expecially the cobalt blue one, are beautiful as well.

Anonymous said...

Lots of nice things to look at here! Love lampwork!!

Profusion said...

Thank you both :)
Glass is such a wonderful material.

Katie L. said...

wow!!! what an amazing deal!!

angelinabeadalina said...

P~ Wow! I really appreciate your writing about me today :) Thanks! Ang

Amy Kuczewski said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy Kuczewski said...

It's a gorgeous goddess! I'm so glad to see you've been having fun with glass, too, even if there's not enough time in the day :D Good luck with the post office!

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