Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Postal Rant

Dear Danish Postal Service,

Thank you muchly for taking so good care of my package.
I can tell you love getting packages, as much as I do, by the length of time you like to keep them. I can also tell you like to hug them, and so do I, but please take care when it says 'GLASS' and 'FRAGILE' on the outside.
I also apreciate that you have not forgotten where I live. I may not get much besides bills and adds, and it may be just a small road, but the number of houses here are happy to recieve their mail all the same. And I want to thank you for getting your own 'notice of failed delivery' into my mailbox, to let me know I had had a delivery. Never mind that it took 12 day to get here, since your holding packages for 14 days, leaves me plenty of time for picking it up.
Please also extend my grattitude to your friends the customs office, whose services has now completely put me off international shopping.

All the Best,


I did get my glass in the end, but I also got to pay the nice people at the customs. My $45 order ended up costing an additional $94 in total for shipping and customs, so I might as well have bought it local. It's a shame because there is so many tempting goods I'd love to shop for, but I'll have to consider if it is worth it a couple of times over from now on, and I'm thinking it is not. This definately includes the kiln I have on my list for the near future ...


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