Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Little Mermaid :)

Everybody celebrates the 100'th year, so here's to the Little Mermaid - 101 years! Woot!

Today is the 101'st birthday of the little Mermaid.
Not the fairytale by H.C. Andersen, which is much older, but the statue in the Copenhagen harbour.
There she sits, the lovely little thing, gazing across the water ...

To celebrate this day I decided to see how many mermaid lampwork beads I could find, because I definately knew they were out there. And I were not dissapointed. These are just a fraction of what can be found. Enjoy!

Rachelle Goldreich is the maker of this sparkly wet mermaid.

This beauty was made by Marlene McDonald of Marlene McDonald Glass, maker of sea treasures.

Ulrike Dietrich made this sweet and colorful focal.

This cute number is by Diana Rast of DizzyBead. She has several mermaids and many other little pendant friends in her shop.

This stunning focal is by Melissa Johanneson Rice of Flame Touched Glass. Melissa has many owls and colourful mushrooms in her shop. (the mermaids tail is on the back of the bead).

This sleek form is by Sally Sutherland of Soul Silver. Clean beadlines and sweet silver pieces are in her shop.

This playful Mermaid was made by Rebecca Jurgens of LandsArts.

Three Mermaids in a row, by Summer Cambell of Summer Glass Designs. Click the picture for a better view.

This necklace is by Simin Koernig of Simins Creations.

And finally, a sparkly Mermaids tail from Ginger and Jerry at BeadTrap.

Thank you so much to all the artists, for use of your pictures, and for making the beads in the first place. What a bounty of beautiful flowing shapes and colours :)

I also wanted to make my own mermaid, and if you come visiting my 'Open Studio' today or tomorrow (at 10am - 5 pm) you will get at chance to see and perhaps bring home one of the very first of my brand new Mermaid Pins! Tiny and shiny :)

Have a great weekend!

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