Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year (2012-13)

Happy New Year everybody!

New Years Eve, fireworks seen from our balcony

I hope you have had a nice bit of a holiday and got a chance to relax before the year begins. I hope you made it into 2013 safely, and I wish you all kinds of happy goodness in 2013, with extra springles on top.

~ o ~

I love this time of year! No, not for the weather. Around these parts of the world it can get pretty glum, even downright depressing, with all the darkness and cold and an overall soggy muddy feeling.

No, I love the feeling of a new begining, of 'let's make next year even better', of planning and of all the good things that are bound to come.

I already have a couple of exciting projects in the works, which I look much forward to telling you about in the weeks to come. Ooh, this year is looking very promising already :)

Much love and happiness in your direction.
Yes, you! You deserve it :)

See you soon,

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