Monday, January 21, 2013

A new design, for Glasmuseet in Ebeltoft

I made a necklace!
My very own design, that I haven't seen done before. Woot!

Shortly before christmas all members of the Danish Bead Society were invited to produce Ocean themed beads and/or jewelry, and send in pictures to the Glasmuseum in Ebeltoft. The museum will host an exhibition this year with an ocean theme, and wanted pieces to match for the museum shop. 

We had 27 days over christmas and new years to come up with suggestions before the deadline, and this is what I made. I even have a name for this piece, 'the 7 Seas'. These are the pictures I sent in.


The Ocean exhibition will run from march 23'rd to november 3'rd 2013, and my contribution for the shop was accepted. Yay! I'm so exited.

Now I have 6 weeks to make a number of these and send them in. Which would be very possible, if not for the fact that I have just boxed up my entire workshop to get the room renovated! Doh!

Oh well, I am sure it will turn out wonderfully in the end, and I have promptly ordered more silk ribbon from the lovely Heidi at Jamnglass. They really are quite delicious, and I have several of her colourways in my supplies by now. I look much forward to trying this design in other colours (as soon as the 6 weeks are gone and I have made my delivery to the museum).

May Love and Beady Goodness rain upon you,

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