Monday, July 04, 2011

KM&V Countdown - Week 16

This week I have lost several beads to cracking bead realease. Some mandrels were freshly dipped and dried, some were dipped weeks ago. I think it might be a humidity problem. Maybe.
I did get a couple finished, these are from my first torchsession:

And my second:

The green flowerpod is a mess, and that lady on the right? She has no boobs because of beadrelease releasing too soon. I decided to make some nipsenåle (cause they aer made without release), even if I don't intend to bring any for the show, and here are 6 happy turtles in a row.

On saturday we had 2 months worth of rain within a couple of hours. Some areas close by got 150mm. I don't think we got that much, but it still ended up in my basement and my workshop.
I managed to burn my arm when reaching behind the kiln to untangle the cord of my oxygen concentrator, the only part of my tools that is on the floor. I hope I got it out in time, that water was raising fast! But I have to say - peppermint tootpaste is your friend. It took the pain away quickly so I could shovel water all night completely painfree. Yay! :)

But oh my poor muscles. I have aches all over from shoveling for hours on end. I need a rest. Goodnight :)



angelinabeadalina said...

I hope your arm (and your sore muscles) is feeling better by now. Those turtles are absolutely adorable! I detest bead release that lets me down like yours did. So far, the best one for me has been Super Blue Sludge... too many others break and flake after a while in the flame. Hope that problem has been solved for you, too. Have a good week!

Profusion said...

Thanks Angela, yes, arm and muscles are almost back to normal :)
I think my release is Sludge too, but the grey one. It usually works very well for me, just not this week.
The lady cracked an pulled loose, but the others didn't, they seemed to loosen by too much heat. I will look into getting some super blue, thanks for the suggestion.
You have a good week too :)

Deborah Lambson said...

good luck with your new bead release..I'm out and have some new stuff to try {universal] Hope its good!
LOVE the goddess shape..beautiful.

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