Thursday, June 16, 2011

3 days at the Valdemar Castle Market

Phew! 2 weekends in a row away from home, that's enough for me for a while.

This weekend I spent 3 days at the Valdemar Castle Market with my friend and fellow beadmaker Lenette. The weather was fantastic and thousands of people came to enjoy the day and the goods of the 220 sellers. You could even get a helicopter ride :)

Valdemar Castle Summer Market
Here are pictures of our booth and of my table alone. Looking at it now I can see a few things I'd like to have done differently, but there you go.

 Our booth, complete with lampwork demo station

My table
One of the great things about being a seller is that you get to go and look at other peoples goods for a few days. Many times I will be convinced I want to buy something I may well not have bought, had I been a guest for one day only. This time was no exception, and here are what I brought home.

These delicious handmade soaps are from and are nice and chunky. I were happily surprised at how thick she cut them, at the price they had. It has been a long time since I had handmade soap last. It's a little bit of luxury for me.

My loot :)

I also brought home this rather large ornamental ball of willow branches. As soon as we got to the market to set up our booth on the first day, I had spotted this fabulous piece of handiwork. It doesn't show well in pictures, but the pattern is intricate and lovely, made of many, many joined spirals.

Ornamental Willow Ball
The lady from stood in the sun for all 3 days, working on more of her garden ornaments.

I also really liked these 'baskets' of solid wood, but I didn't buy one because I didn't know what I'd use it for. They are too large for beads ;)
(yes, I do know what I'll do with the ornament ball!)

Fabulous solid wood 'basket'
Finally, in the very last minutes of the final day, I made a trade :)
Above the stable where we were, there was a huge gallery space full of paintings. Most of them were not for me, but this one made me stop and oogle. I'm usually not a flowery person, but this little painting has a lovely mood about it, so I asked if perhaps she would be interested in a trade. And Yay! she agreed :)

You can see more of her flowery paintings at

One thing that I did not get to take home were these amazing glass dinner plates by Lene Hjorhöy. I haven't really thought about glass dinner plates before, but these are so exquisite!

 Beautiful glass dinnerplates
They are so beautiful and you can tell they took forever to make. She has the same pattern in these 3 bowls of different sizes, and I want one of each! I am so going to remember these when my birthday comes around later this year :)

Beautiful Glass Bowls
I love markets, but I'm glad I have 17 weeks before my next one. I'm also glad that it is an Art Fair, rather than a place to look for bargains, Yay!


PS: I just googled 'art glass dinner plates', and I have to say, these are definately the cream. Just imagine having an actual dinner on them. Ooh!

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