Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New 'Things'

The last couple of days I have been working on my bookkeeping which is due by thursday. It is not really a 'thing', so I can't show it of here, and so I took a few days off from the 'thing'.
I did get a couple of hours of torchtime in on sunday though, and here is some of what I made.

A goddess, nice and slender, and big! It's been a while since I made one last, and I were surprised to see that she is very close to the size of my largest ever goddess. Which is nice since I want to go bigger.

Lampwork Goddess
A purple leaf pendant bead, like the one I sold at Valdemar Slot Christmas Market.

Purple Leaf Pendant
And two tops for plantsticks. They would be lovely pendants, but they are huge!

Then I decided to end the day with another goddess. Unfortunately I forgot to keep her heated while fiddling with the neck and shoulder area, and she exploded :/ If you can use a broken goddess do let me know and I'll send her to you. Something mosaic perhaps? She is complete except that she has no nipples. It is the very last thing I do when making a goddess, and the only thing undone on her. And she is not annealed. (ETA: the broken Goddess is on her way to a good home)



Fru Olsen said...

Så FLOTTE, så FLOTTE kreationer!!

Har meldt mig som ambassadør for dine ting på Amio.

Lene said...

Mange tak Dorit, det er jeg meget glad for :)
Jeg har kigget på Amios indlæg om ambassadør, men jeg kan ikke se hvordan det foregår, sådan helt præcis. Jeg må hellere læse det igen.
Men Tak! det er smukt af dig :)

Kirsten Søeballe said...

Jeg har købt en af goddess af dig i Farum og den er 2 en halv centimeter. Den hænger på mig konstant.
Mvh Kirsten

Profusion said...

Mange tak Kirsten, det er virkelig dejligt at høre :)

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