Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodness is raining upon me

2011 is starting out very nicely and I have high hopes of a wonderful year :)
I have had a couple of nice sales, a couple of nice mentionings, and most wonderful of all - my goddesses are now in an actual Gallery! Yay!

Firstly, thank you to Dorit, not only for mentioning my Amio shop as a favourite in her frontpage interview, but also blogging about the goddesspendant and facebead she got from me back in august. Dorit lives in Greenland and has a shop of her own at Amio: DOOit Design She sews, felts, paints, she works in sealskin. I find these earrings especially interesting, made from earstones from the fish she is holding in the last picture.

Secondly - Major thanks to Karin Castens for taking in my godesses. She is a fabulous jeweler living here in Copenhagen, and has just opened her own gallery of jewellery.

It's such a lovely place and you can read all about it in her blog this month. Here is the lady herself, working on a new pendant.

I love what she can do with metal, and visiting her gallery makes me want to work in silver again. It's been about 15-20 years since I did any silverwork last, and I never took it much of anywhere then. It's no wonder I hardly remember how, but I'm getting ideas all over again, so who knows? :) I will definately keep it in mind for when I get my basement renovated.

In any case, she is not only incredibly talented, she is also very nice, and this is where she put my Godesses. I'm so happy! :)

Go see her jewellery at Amio, or if you are in Copenhagen, live in the gallery!

Yay for 2011!

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