Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Yes!Once more I grace the frontpage of Danish handmade shop site
This time with a pair of nifty earrings in black and white, see the top row there?

Also, if you look below the B/W you will see a lovely focal in purple tones on white that I am very pleased with. It is not as big as the one I wear myself, but the colours and organic pattern came out very nicely.

And new at my blog is the scrolling box of my goods at Amio, over at the left. Fellow Amio shop owner Bo Kavlslund made the script for all us sellers at Amio to use. He also makes sterling Jewelry, and this one called 'Fire' is my favorite, me being a lampworker and all :)

So - Danes, check out Amio, lots of good stuff there.
Foreigners, you are welcome too of course, just click around and see what the danish words are hiding. Don't be put off by the prices, just split the amount by 5,5 for US$ and 7.6 for EUROs (todays rates).


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