Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas Market at Valdemar Castle!

Yes! on December 4'th and 5'th I will attend/sell at the Christmas Market at Valdmar Castle.
My lampwork-friend Lenette has kindly offered to share her booth with me, and she has been allowed to set up her torch to be able to do live demos. It will be great!

I've never been there before and I am looking very much forward to the experience, not to mention seeing what the other sellers are bringing. I can see from the event website that there were 72 booths last year, and this year they have doubled the market to last 2 weekends of wich we will attend the second.

Anyway - I really need to have some fresh new work when I go there (just for my own pleasure), so I made these:

They will be pendants on sterling bails, and I am very pleased with the patterns, both the frit'ed ones and the deliberately dotted ones. The purplish frit'ed one ended up with a bit of a pearshape, and I love it! Just a touch more organic than the marvered drops, Brilliant! And the pattern on it looks like a fierce thunderstorm at sunset, so Yup, that is my favourite :)
More of both types will definately follow :)

Merry Christmas! (a bit early perhaps?)


angelinabeadalina said...

I definitely like the pear shape one best, too! But then, I am a gravity girl when it comes to shaping glass :) They're all lovely, and it sounds wonderful to be setting up in a castle for a show!

Profusion said...

Maybe we should have t-shirts made that says: 'I <3 Gravity'? :)
I am pretty sure the booth area will be set up un the old stables, built with massive wooden beams and cobblestones for the floor. Yes, it will be wonderful :)

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