Monday, August 23, 2010


Yesterday, for the first time in 3½ months, I fired up my torch.
I have no good reason for not torching, so I must have just needed a summer break. Well, a break this long will make you loose your routines, and besides making uninspired beads, I also got a burn. I were rolling a bead in frit, reaching under the torch, when I got my highest knuckle turned up into the flame. Very stupid, but my attention were on the other end of the mandrel.

I finished off the bead (quickly!), and then thought I would try out the advice I had read about for burns, a remedy you are pretty sure to always have handy: toothpaste! I smeared on a blob, and what can I say, it really works! The pain subsided right away, and I could go about my business.

So I went about my day with a glob of toothpaste on my hand. A couple of times I had to wash my hands and each time I removed the paste I would feel the burn again. So I reapplied and even kept it on for the night (secured by a piece of bandaid).

Today I have a blister, but no pain, and I didn't have to spend the night with my hand in a cup of water. Excellent! :)

And the bead I made? So not worth a burn ;)


one-eared pig said...


Profusion said...

Thanks :)
It's not too bad actually, I will definately be using toothpaste from now on.

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