Thursday, August 26, 2010


One year ago today I conquered a fear.
I told myself it would be okay until I believed it, and I jumped in feet first with excitement in my heart.
One year ago today I registered as a proper business, and it was huge for me.

What have I learnt:
It wasn't so scary after all. In fact it has been a fun, exciting and interesting adventure
I rather like doing the bookkeeping (when I'm done and have solved the 'what goes where' puzzle)

What to work on:
I really need get over myself and work on pushing my goods, really!
I must set a fixed date for bookkeeping each month, so as not to let it accumulate (done! now to keep it up ...)
Less TV/websurfing = more time to torch = better glass art! Yay!

To celebrate this happy event I am having a 20% off SALE at my new shop. You can find it HERE at the new danish website for all things handmade:

The sale will last 'till the end of the month, 5 whole days, and prices have already been reduced by 20%.
I will upload new goodies during these 5 days, so please visit more than once.

Happy New Year everybody!

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